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Whether you prefer dog walking, dog sitting or cat sitting services, Amber’s Purrfect Pet Sitting takes special care to be sure your pet is safe and happy.

Initial Consultation - FREE

This is a 30-60 min visit. At this visit we review the information provided on your online profile, fill out any additional necessary paperwork, answer questions, transfer keys and discuss detailed instructions on the care of your pet and home. It’s also a great time for your pet & the pet sitter to get acquainted with each other. This required meeting should be scheduled at least 48 hours prior to service.

Potty Break - $22*

This is a 15-20 min visit. This is ideal for dogs that only need a quick potty break in their back yard or for dogs that don’t require a long walk. This isn’t suitable for visits that include a feeding.

Pet Sitting Visit / Dog Walk - $26*

The most popular choice. This is a 30 min visit. Cats & some other animals may be fine with just one visit per day. Most dogs will require 3-4 visits per day. This visit includes supervised feedings, walks & play.

***Dogs regularly need at least one 30-60 minute walk or playtime every day to

keep them physically and mentally fit. Small dogs need exercise as much as

their larger counterparts. If you have busy days and can’t provide daily walks,

using the services of a professional dog walker may be just what you need to

maintain your dog’s health. Good paced walks give dogs something to focus on

and it can… Boost Confidence – Decrease Anxiety – Increase Socialization –

Strengthen Doggy Manners – Promote Happiness. And let’s not forget our feline

friends! It has been found that it takes just 20 minutes of playtime/activity to keep

a cat mentally and physically healthy. We always make an effort to engage with

kitties, we bring along laser toys and string toys but we also recognize that not all

cats will want to play or socialize right away. So, we will go at their speed to

build trust. We provide cuddles to the lap cats, playtime to the playful and

patience to the timid, and all in-between.

Free Home Services

These services are provided at your request as time allows (your pets are my priority). They include but are not limited to:

~ Collecting newspaper/mail

~ Taking out garbage/bringing in the bins

~ Watering plants

~ Adjusting lights and window treatments to give a lived-in look

Length of Visits:

Vacation pet sitting requirements:

- Cats and other small animals - minimum of one visit per day is required

- Dogs - minimum of three visits per day is required

*If you need an alternate schedule for your vacation pet sitting, it must be approved*

**It is the responsibility of the client to book visits long enough to provide the care needed for their pets and homes**

15 Minute Visit Includes:

  - For Cats – Quick food, water, litter box, brief note or text to the client. *It Does NOT include medications, care for multiple food & litter stations, time to find hidden cats, clean pet messes, etc.

- For Dogs – 15 minutes includes a very quick potty break in your yard, fresh water,

treat, brief note or text to the client. *It does NOT include meals, medications,

leash walking, cleaning pet messes or care for other small pets.

**Please be aware that parking & home entry time is a part of your total visit length**

30 Minute Visit Includes:

- 30 minutes is the recommended visit length for most pets. It includes food, water,

litter, taking dogs for a brief walk, medications that can be easily administered. Most pet care needed can be accommodated within 30 minutes.

- 45 minutes or 1 hour is recommended when your pets and/or home require special care that will take the sitter longer than 30 minutes. Please be aware the sitters cannot spend longer than the scheduled amount of time at your home.

Holiday Rates:

Holidays will incur an additional $10.00 per visit. Our holiday rates apply for the following days:

New Year’s – New Year’s Eve & New Year’s Day

Thanksgiving – Thanksgiving Day & Friday

Christmas – Christmas Eve & Christmas day

Easter Sunday, Independence Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day

Additional Services:

Nail trim (cat):


Nail trim (dog):

Small $10.00

Medium $12.00

Large $14.00

Ear Flush (dog):


Sanitation shave:



Prices are subject to change without notice.

Acceptable forms of payment:

Visa, Mastercard and Discover

***No cash or checks accepted***


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